17 Things That Happen When You Go To RT Con in Vegas


  1. Your stomach is filled with butterflies for eight continuous months between registration and the event because this is your first event as a legit, actually published author, and that's just crazy.
  2. You debate for weeks over what constitutes appropriate types and quantities of swag for your author table, and then just slap your name on a bag and order a ridiculous number of them.
  3. Your husband discovers he has a ton of traveler reward points, and he can totally come along and help you at the signing events if you want. (You want!)
  4. Then, because "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" laws apply to everything, your husband invites a couple of your friends along too, books you for some Vegas shows and extravagant dinners, because its Vegas and neither of you has been before and IT'S VEGAS, and you get super excited for every second of this trip but secretly know that it is going to totally destroy your little introverted soul.
  5. You spend a full week trying to come up with the best solution to get those damn swag bags into a larger bag so you can get them to RT Con, because you can totally do this and you are NOT paying for shipping, damnit, just to have an extra item on your to-do list when you get there of figuring out where they are being stored.
  6. You also needlessly pack your new Rayban sunglasses and perfectly-bright-blue Kate Spade purse, because Vegas seems like the type of place you can shamelessly rock them, and when you work from home and live at the beach there are not many opportunities for this type of thing. It's worth it.
  7. After you register you take a picture of your badge like the geek you are, because it has your name and also the title "Published Author" on it, which is a BFD.
  8. You attend sessions run by badass bestselling authors who know their shit and tell you their secrets, and your brain explodes from all the awesome.
  9. You meet all the peeps from your publisher in person for the first time and they are just as wonderful and awesome as you imagined.
  10. You try snow beef, just because Vegas is one of only four places in the country where you can. It lives up to the hype.
  11. You have random talks with a slew of authors at every point in their career, including a few you know from Facebook, writing for blogs, and more. They are all full of passion for the craft, and it's wildly invigorating.
  12. You do your first book signing. Although you feel like a total fraud setting up your booth, people seem to (amazingly) be really into the concept behind your story, you get to talk to tons of readers who love the same stuff as you, and you sell more books than expected. You leave exhausted, but glowing.
  13. You never actually adjust to the time change, wake up way too early every morning, and thoroughly confuse your body about when to eat. (Answer: Every time. Now.)
  14. You make the poor choice to take the last direct flight out from Vegas the last day of the event, which means packing up from the last day book signing as fast as humanly possible and booking it straight to the airport, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.
  15. As a result you end up throwing $75 at Southwest needlessly because your bag is 10 pounds over the packing limit, and your brain can't cope with this extremely complicated life puzzle at this particular moment.
  16. You get home at 1 a.m. and most as little as humanly possible for the next two days in an effort to recover. which somehow still falls short.
  17. As you start to recover and feel like a person again, you flip back through your notes, remember all the people you met, and think hey, I should totally do this to myself again next year.



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2 thoughts on “17 Things That Happen When You Go To RT Con in Vegas

  1. Alptamise

    I am so grateful that you came all the way to Vegas for the RT Event. It was such a pleasure meeting you and learning about your novel.


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