Book Buying Bans: Huh?

I have been sick for over a week and hardly have any voice, let alone decent mental capacity to focus ... but it's a new year! And I wanted to get something fresh up to kickstart 2018.

As I lay in bed, pathetic and exhausted and sniffly, I've spent a lot of time flipping through Twitter. And ... book buying bans seem to be having a moment? Apparently, this is a thing.

I'd never heard of it, so here is a roundup of articles to explain, for both of us.

What the Heck is a Book Buying Ban? -- Cornerfolds

10 Ways to Totally Rock a Book Buying Ban -- Broke by Books

Why Book Buying Bans are a Bad Idea -- Book Riot

5 Ways to Cope During a Book Buying Ban -- Book Riot

How to Survive a Book Buying Ban -- Blog of a Bookaholic

Have you heard of book buying bans? Have you done one? Would you? Do tell, in the comments. 

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