Next week, I have a short story coming out as part of a collective called The Alvarium Experiment, around the theme of Masters Revisited. 

For the collection, each author is taking a classic work of fiction and putting a speculative fiction twist on it. I chose Jane Eyre.

Jane finally found her happily ever after. But can she remain content as the ghost of Mr. Rochester's first wife haunts her? In this reimagining of Jane Eyre, Bertha has a dark secret she must share, leaving Jane to choose between her independent mind and her soul's yearning for love.

Doesn't this cover just give you chills? The Alvarium Experiment's Charles Cornell really captured the story's tone perfectly.

Jane Eyre is more than a story to me. It's a mirror. Every time I pick it up, my assessment of Jane as a character, her life's events, and her unusual relationship with Mr. Rochester leaves me unsettled in a different way than the time before. Thus, reading about Jane also tells me how much I have changed since the last time.

Which made it all the more fun to play with for this story. What do you think of Jane Eyre?

More details to come as the release nears!

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If you love books, and you love authors, and you like meeting authors and getting books, well boy, do I have some awesome events for you.

And hey, guess what? I'll be there. I'll have copies of my books for you, some awesome swag to give away, and I'll even be presenting a couple times.

Plus I've got a special giveaway goodie for those who buy both Mud and Rain.

So how about I tell you about the actual events.

RT Book Lover's Convention, Atlanta, May 2-7

This event last year was the most intense reader fandom experience I have witnessed (granted, last year it was in Las Vegas, which may have added to the atmosphere). But if you love reading, especially genre fiction, and especially romance genre, this is your scene. There's also a writers' track for all the authors in attendance.

Find me:

  • Thursday, May 4, on the Fighting & Frenching panel at 1:30 p.m, where we'll talk about how to craft compelling action and romance.
  • Saturday, May 6, at the Giant Book Fair, where I'll have books, goodies, and a special gift for anyone who buys both Rain and Mud.

Literary Hill BookFest, May 8, D.C.'s Eastern Market

This an annual event takes place at Capitol Hill's awesome Eastern Market and celebrates D.C.'s local authors. So come on out and support some local talent!

Find me: 

  • 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. in the Eastern Market at my booth. My books will be sold through the Capitol Hill Book Shop on site, and I'll be there to talk about them and sign them, if  you like. Again, I'll have swag and goodies to pass out.
  • 2:30 - 2:50 p.m. at the Eastern Market presentation stage, I'll be giving a short talk and reading about the Chronicles of the Third Realm Wars and how it came to be. Bring your questions!

See you there, readers!

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My debut novel, Mud, turned a year old last week. I've been celebrating with my email subscribers all week long iwth a $.99-sale on the novel, and a series of secrets about the novel's sequel, Tides, which releases in August.
It's been a blast! And as it turns out, I'm a terrible secret-keeper, because as fun as it's been to explore these secrets one-by-one, I couldn't resist extending the sale one last day (buy Mud before midnight, ya'll!) and sharing a recap of the secrets:

7 Little Secrets about Tides:

1. Adem looks really different from another character's eyes.
2. Rona takes no shit on a good day ... and she has no good days in Tides.
3. Jordan may be grown up now (barely), but that doesn't mean he's ready for what's about to strike.
4. That thing in Adem’s box? Our crew of heroes isn’t finished with it yet.
5. Remember that border between the realms Adem shattered? All sorts of creepy crawlies are creeping into Terath through it.
6. The gods aren't as engaged as you think.
7. The Tides ... are about to change.
More awesome tidbits about Tides, including a cover reveal and more insights into my thought process as I wrote it, will come as that release date creeps closer.
But for now, get ready by reading the first book in the series. Again, ya'll it's just $.99 if you buy before midnight!

Buy it here:

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It's been an entire year since Mud hit the bookshelves.

Can you believe it? I can't--it seems like just yesterday I was walking into tables and losing my mind, trying to prepare for its release. But looking back, the journey has been amazing.

I've met incredible pros at my publisher, I've read your lovely reviews, and I even won an award. Best of all, I got to meet some of you at conferences and book festivals.

This would not be a true celebration unless you were a part of it.

So guess what? You're all getting gifts. 

If you don't already have Mud, I want you to make it easy for you! So, Mud is just $.99 on ebook for an entire week, starting today.
Buy it at these fine establishments:


Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks

And as an extra bonus, my email subscribers are getting another aweome gift, too. Every day for the entire week, I'm sharing a secret with you about Mud's sequel, Tides, which is scheduled to release in August.

They're pretty juicy, guys, if I do say so myself. Want in? Join my email list here. (You'll also get a free copy of the series' prequel novella!)

And, hey, thank you for making this first year as a published author amazing. An author is nothing without readers.

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Many thanks to Readers Lane and reviewer Frances Carden for an incredibly lovely, five-star review of Rain!

This short but compelling novella will capture your soul with a need equally as powerful as Nia’s consuming passion to escape depression. Luckily, an addiction to Wenstrom’s emerging voice is far less dangerous albeit eerily addicting . . . like the most elegantly woven and mysterious magic.

My heart is absolutely aflutter. I strongly encourage you to read the full review here, not that I'm biased or anything.

What did you think of Rain? Whether you agree with Readers Lane's review or not, I'd love to hear what you thought--please write a review!

P.S. If you haven't picked up your copy of Rain yet, join my email list and download it for free!

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Just wanted to let you lovelies know that my publisher has put my award-winning novel Mud on sale for a limited time. You can now snag the ebook for just $.99, so grab it while you can!

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks

Readers are loving this fantasy quest for its lovable antihero, soulful storytelling and unpredictable twists.


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Tomorrow, I am super excited to be a guest on Epic City Radio with the wonderful author Carolivia Herron. We'll be talking about Mud: Chronicles of the Third Realm War, writing process, and our love of epic fantasy from 4-5 p.m. ET on Takoma Radio, WOWD 94.3 FM.

But you don't have to be in the D.C. area to listen in! If you can't tune in to the local station, you can still stream my interview here.

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Over the 12 Days of Books Giveaway, I’m sharing a little about my writing journey so far. And, of course, new ways to enter to win!

It took me five long years to write Mud.

It was the first thing I ever wrote, and I had no idea how to do it. I had no idea where to start, and I had no idea how to get the work done.

Heck. I had no idea just how much work it would take.

The whole 9 to 5 thing was just fine, but there was something in me that it wasn’t fulfilling. I needed something creative to fill it … something that was totally and completely mine, and did not have to be approved by a supervisor, did not have to be presented to a client, something to just be a playground.

I was already a writer, professionally. And I’d been reading my entire life. So, I decided, I would write a book.

I had no idea where to start, so I just started at the beginning.

The story came out one tiny drip at a time, forced into the edges of my life while everything else kept going at full force. Over time I learned how to harness some momentum by getting up a little early each day, and over time I expanded that time to about an hour.

Completing the story often felt like a task that had no end. Each day I’d get maybe another 200 words on the page—some of them okay, a lot of them that would need to be reworked or even deleted later—out of the hypothetical 75,000 it would take to craft a full-length manuscript.

The way it grew often felt so slow that I had to remind myself that it was, in fact, growing. After all, even if it was just another 200 words, it was 200 more words, 200 more than I had yesterday, 200 more to the finish line. Rationally, there had to be an end out there, and I had to be getting closer to it.

And eventually, finally, I did finish. And then the process starts all over again, with a new book.

And that’s really the whole point, when it comes down to it.

Writing is not the finished product. Writing—any art, really—is the process. You have to throw yourself into the process, for the process’s sake.

And that, right there, is the real point of creative work. It fulfills something unstoppable within us.

What do you create?

New ways to win, every day until Christmas Eve

Today's new way to enter: Follow me on Twitter.

Get More Ways to Enter the 12 Days of Books Giveaway:
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Happy holidays readers! We're officially in the season.

To celebrate, a group of 12  authors have banded together to give you a truly awesome collection of speculative fiction novels. Over the next 12 days leading up to Christmas Eve, we'll all be offering you ways to enter to win them!

An official unveiling of the complete 12-book giveaway collection will be coming soon (one of them is my own debut novel, the award-winning Mud: Chronicles of the Third Realm War).

But for now, go ahead and enter to win! You can start by joining my email list.

Then, check out the other participating authors for even more ways to enter! Here is the full list of authors:

Charles Cornell

Danielle DeVor

Louann Carroll

Connor Drexler

Jeff Elkins

M. G. Herron

Sharon Johnston

Jade Kerrion

R. Perez de Pereda

Brian Rella

Antonio Simon, Jr.

E. J. Wenstrom

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If you're in the greater Space Coast area, this weekend's LightFest Stroll Through the Lights event is not to be missed!

With 2.5 million lights on display, this is your only chance to walk through the lights instead of viewing them from your car. The event will also feature entertainment, kids activities, horseback rides, bounce houses, Santa visits, crafts, lots and lots of yummy food--and a jumpstart on your holiday shopping with local vendors, including me.

So come ready to have some fun and get a jumpstart on your gifting! I'll be running all my holiday promotions at my booth, and I'll be accompanied by a couple other great speculative fiction authors, too--Jaimie Engle and D. Ryan Gish. Get a sneak peek of the event tomorrow night on Jaimie's Facebook Live post at 6 p.m.!

Gates open at 6:30 p.m. and the cheer continues until 10 p.m. More deets here:

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