I often get a general sense of bleh around the winter months. I hate being cold, and I hate layering up even more, so I’ve created my own catch-22 of laziness. But this season, in addition to my usual hatred for the temperature, I’ve hit a true ennui with my reading that I cannot quite understand.

Read the full story of my reading angst at Book Riot.

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If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that neurodiversity is on my mind lately, particularly in how it relates to my own identity as an author, reader and general human.

Neurodiversity refers to people whose minds work in ways labeled as outside of the norm. It is strongly linked to conversations about people with autism, but also includes people with other differences such as dyslexia, Tourette’s syndrome, and ADD, among many others.

I have ADD.

It is only within the last few weeks, as I wrapped up a young adult science fiction novel and started sharing it with publishing gatekeepers for consideration (agents, editors) that I started to piece together something that maybe should have been obvious: it is rare for a protagonist in fiction to have a learning disorder. (Like me, the heroine of this novel has ADD.)

Which is where Anne of Green Gables comes in. I adored this character growing up and rabidly consumed all eight novels in this series. It wasn’t until later in high school, after I was diagnosed, that I fully understood why—Anne had many of the same struggles that I had. Ones that were specific to ADD. To see so much of myself--parts of myself that most people couldn't understand--was cathartic.

For more about why this matters and the ways in which Anne of Green Gables displays ADD tendencies, read the full article.

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It's that time of year! Between December and January is the magical season of look-backs and lookaheads--list season!

That means we all get inundated with a bazillion lists on what the best books were, and what the best books to come are, and what everyone else is sure to be talking about in a few months.

All of which leaves me hyperventilating as I try to catch up on all the cool things I missed last year, while simultaneously trying to keep up with this year.

It's a bit overwhelming, and there is no way to win. Though really, with so many amazing books to pick from, no way to lose, either. Just choose a title and get started.

It starts with knowing which lists are worth your time in the first place. Here are my faves.

Paste Magazine's 10 Of The Most Highly Anticipated Youn Adult Books of 2018

I will never stop loving young adult novels, so don't even try to start a conversation about "age-appropriate." We could all stand to remember what it feels like to become disillusioned with the world around us on occasion, and that righteous teen angst fueled by that sense of what things should be. The author of this article is a young adult literary agent and author, so this is his scene. Trust him.

Bitch Media's 25 Fiction Books You Must Read in 2018

A carefully curated list of books ranging from the deeply literary to the high-concept speculative, this list has something for everyone. What do these widely varied titles have in common? They're all smart, highly anticipated novels from a diverse representation of women. Yes, yes, yes.

Book Riot's 101 Books Coming Out in 2018 That You Should Mark Down Now

If you really want the mother lode of all the books, start here. Book Riot stands strong by its values of inclusivity and diversity, which means you can trust any list they publish to be well rounded, thoughtful and smart. Even better, the list is ordered by release month, making it easy to keep track of the latest release to download all year long.

io9's All The Most Spectacular New Comics Coming in 2018

Another very nice and comprehensive list, this time focused exclusively on comics. If you don't want to miss any new releases, this calendars of upcoming #1s, listed by month and publisher, will keep you straight.

What books are you most excited for in 2018? Give me your recommendations in the comments!

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I have been sick for over a week and hardly have any voice, let alone decent mental capacity to focus ... but it's a new year! And I wanted to get something fresh up to kickstart 2018.

As I lay in bed, pathetic and exhausted and sniffly, I've spent a lot of time flipping through Twitter. And ... book buying bans seem to be having a moment? Apparently, this is a thing.

I'd never heard of it, so here is a roundup of articles to explain, for both of us.

What the Heck is a Book Buying Ban? -- Cornerfolds

10 Ways to Totally Rock a Book Buying Ban -- Broke by Books

Why Book Buying Bans are a Bad Idea -- Book Riot

5 Ways to Cope During a Book Buying Ban -- Book Riot

How to Survive a Book Buying Ban -- Blog of a Bookaholic

Have you heard of book buying bans? Have you done one? Would you? Do tell, in the comments. 

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As Tides' October 31 launch nears, I'm taking a spoiler-lite look back at where we left our beloved heroes. (Don't forget to join the celebration! There's great ways to join--and win prizes.)

Rona is voiceless for most of Mud

Without giving too much away for those with Mud on the to-be-read list, once she is finally given an opportunity to speak, what she says changes everything.

Let's just say ... it wasn't an exception.

Rona's stay in the Underworld timeless, so for her, now that she's back, her past traumas might as well have just happened. On top of that, she is struggling with the new trauma of her return to life. If that's not bad enough, her past might not be done with her yet.

But Rona's more interested in looking ahead. A war is on the horizon, and she's determined to help end the destruction she feels she had a hand in starting. Even if it means she's stuck wroking with Jordan and Adem to do it.

Rona has a lot of anger in her--but she isn't hung up on it. She's saving it to channel into something productive. Along the way, she ends up taking on a lot more than she signed up for.

The most powerful thing about Rona is, she's willing to shoulder what others can't or won't, even if it means winging it. When everyone else starts to crumble around her, Rona is at her strongest.

Or at least, that's what she's telling herself.

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