FWA’s Book of the Year

E. J. Wenstrom's debut novel Mud: Chronicles of the Third Realm War #1 was awarded the top honor as the 2016 Book of the Year at the Florida Writers Association's Royal Palm Literary Awards Ceremony on October 22, 2016.

From the RPLA judges:

"The twists and turns of Adam’s quest keep the reader on edge page after page. The author does a masterful job of raising and lowering tension."

"The writer creates not one, but two entirely believable worlds as a setting for the story, with both worlds realistic and credible. Making one world is a challenge, and to create two in the same story is masterful. Add the conflict of men, angels, demons, and a self-aware golem and you have a very unique story."

"The reader is drawn into the story from the opening sentence."

See for yourself what's driving the buzz around Mud:
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