Hitting Warp Speed

This past month was all about the editing. I got comments back from my editor at the end of September, and then it was time to bite the bullet and take the heat.

I’ll admit: I was scared to open it for a full week. And then when I finally looked at the edits … ya know, it wasn’t so bad. Also, my editor is one smart lady, and her feedback definitely made Mud a better manuscript.

It’s so nice to know you’re in good hands.

And then I got a glimpse of the cover design mockup! And then we created the back cover blurb! It’s pretty freaking exciting.

When they’re finalized, you can bet I’ll be sharing them with you.

And just like that, bing-bang-boom, this entire process is just flying right along. I’m told we’re looking at a spring release, so we’re just months away from the finish line.

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