Mud Launch Day!

Today is Launch Day! Mud is now available in hard cover, paperback, and ebook!

And to celebrate the launch, the ebook price is reduced to just $.99 for a limited time, so snag your copy now!

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What Others are Saying About Mud:

"I loved this book!! So unique so engaging, a Keeper and must read!!"
--Heather B., NetGalley

"The clever use of weathered fantasy tropes and occasionally lovely turns of phrase will propel readers into book two."
--Publishers Weekly

"Recommended For: Anyone who likes books about character journey and growth and anyone looking for a book about an uncommon, yet very human, paranormal creature."
--Kristen Burns, Metaphors and Moonlight

'There's something primal about Mud. It's a reverent, mythical story of supernatural beings who justify desperate measures in their quest to feel complete."
--Robert Wiesehan, author of "Genki: A Story About Living"

Get your copy now!

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