MUD, Chronicles of the Third Realm War #1

"Twisting and turning, Mud won’t let itself be defined or outsmarted ... I’m hopelessly addicted."--Frances Carden, Readers Lane

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Torn apart by war and abandoned by the gods, only one hope remains to save humanity. But the savior isn’t human at all.

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Trapped by his Maker’s command to protect a mysterious box, Adem is forced to kill anyone who tries to steal it. When a young boy chances upon Adem’s temple, he resists temptation, intriguing the golem. As the boy and his sister convince Adem to leave the refuge of his temple, the group lands in a web of trouble.

Now Adem will do whatever necessary to keep his new young charges safe, even if it means risking all to get rid of the box. Their saving grace comes in the form of an angel who offers to set Adem free of the box’s magic by granting his greatest desire—making him human.

But first, Adem must bring back the angel’s long-dead human love from the Underworld. In doing so, he will risk breaking the barrier between the realms, a cataclysm that could launch the Third Realm War. To set things right, he may be forced to give up the only thing he’s ever truly wanted…a chance at a soul of his own.

MUD is the Florida Writers Association's Fiction Book of the Year for 2016, and #1 for the Published Fantasy category.

"I really like books about uncommon supernatural creatures, so, when I saw this one had a golem as the protagonist, I jumped at the chance to read it."
--Kristen Burns, Metaphors and Moonlight

"The clever use of weathered fantasy tropes ... will propel readers into book two.”
--Publisher's Weekly

"There's something primal about Mud. It's a reverent, mythical story of supernatural beings who justify desperate measures in their quest to feel complete. They struggle with emotions we all understand, even as they challenge the very rules that govern all of creation."
--Rob Wiesehan, Author "Genki: A Story About Living"

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