Sneak Peek: Meet the New Characters of TIDES

Like any sequel worth its salt, Tides doesn't just continue the story started in Mud. It also expands the world. And along with an expanded world comes new characters. 

With Tides' launch two weeks away, today I'm giving you an exclusive first introduction to the most important and beloved members of this fresh set of characters about to come your way.

Xam --  A soldier of Ir-Nearch, Haven's sister city. Like so many others in this awful middle realm of Terath, he escaped a wrathful dictator. But now he's found peace in his new home ... and captured one of our heroes' hearts.

Helda -- In a ruthless world, the leader of a free city must be ruthless too. Which makes Helda the perfect woman for the job. Rough years rebelling against unfair regimes have hardened her and sharpened her loyalty. All this makes her an ideal ally as an unstable world teeters toward war, and a foreboding enemy.

Avi -- Jordan's adopted brother, who he grew up with side by side in Haven. We met him oh-so-briefly in Mud, and he's still there, serving as his brother's right hand man. These two have a very brotherly relationship--by which I mean complicated.

Nabi -- A young resident of Ir-Nearch, with a big, brave heart...and a Gift she handles better than The Chronicle of the Third Realm War's adults. A great deal of power in a very small package, Nabi packs surprising spiritual power.

Koreh -- This is a woman full of power, and she is hungry to unleash it. Now that the barrier between the Underworld and Terath is broken, she's the first to break free and take up the fight for all the demigods feel they were cheated of twice before.

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