Remember how I told you the manuscript for Tides, the second full novel in the Chronicels of the Third Realm War series, was with my publisher getting all polished up and pretty? I can finally prove it.

The second full novel of the Chronicles of the Third Realm War series is releasing this October!

Check out the official teaser blurb:

Rona didn't ask to be brought back from the Underworld, and now that she is alive again, she’s angry enough to raise hell.

It’s a good thing too, because hell is coming for her. As the realm braces for another round of wars between the Gods and the demigods, Rona’s fate is entangled with the unlikely heroes responsible for bringing her back to life: a golem marked by the Gods and a man with the touch of destiny upon him.

As this questionable duo heads out to face the unknown and stop the realm from destruction, Rona will be damned if they’re going to stop her from coming with them. Together, they embark on a quest to stop the war before it begins. For if they can’t stop the demigods, the entire middle realm of Terath will be torn apart, and everyone in their way destroyed.

But the fate of the realm isn’t the only thing Rona has to worry about, because the past she killed herself to escape is about to catch up to her again.

That's right, I handed the narrative off to Rona, and hold on tight, because she is pissed. It's going to be so awful/amazing, you guys. I can't wait.

And hey, as the release draws nearer, I've got some pretty great opportunities coming down the pipeline, with chances for you to WIN BIG with some swag, gift cards, and my hand-picked all-time favorite novels for you to win.

You can get a jump on the first of these opportunities right now: Get an early digital copy of Tides before anyone else can get their hands on it! All you gotta do is leave a review on Amazon.

Sign up here -- there's going to be some great prizes involved for those who do it, with more details to come soon.

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Tomorrow, I am super excited to be a guest on Epic City Radio with the wonderful author Carolivia Herron. We'll be talking about Mud: Chronicles of the Third Realm War, writing process, and our love of epic fantasy from 4-5 p.m. ET on Takoma Radio, WOWD 94.3 FM.

But you don't have to be in the D.C. area to listen in! If you can't tune in to the local station, you can still stream my interview here.

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