The List List: Best “Best Of” Lists of 2015

The turn of a new year inevitably leads to an inundation of “Best of” Lists.

It’s an absolute disaster for my TBR pile, which grows bigger and bigger by the second as I read. But it’s fun to find new books to be excited about so I just forge on anyway and revel in all the new wonderful books I need to read.


The problem is, while every publication under the sun wants to put its own list out, the most popular books of the year still tend to be the most popular books regardless of whose list you’re looking at.

Then there’s the other lists. The ones that dig up fresh, fantastic new titles that have been around all year, and they never found their way to you. I love these kinds of lists.

With this in mind, I present my list of the very best “Best Of” lists of 2015:

The 24 Best Literary Debuts of 2015
I love a fresh voice. More than that, I love giving my support to one. And I love it when publications use their platform to do the same. Ta-da. Thank you, Buzzfeed.

The Most In-Demand New York Library Books of 2015
It’s pretty interesting to see the commonalities and variations in the most popular books getting picked up from a library in various neighborhoods of the same city—especially in a major melting pot like New York.

13 of the Best Books of 2015 You Might Have Missed
Not every amazing book hits the bestseller list. For whatever reason, some fly under the radar. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them. Start with this list from BookRiot.

50 Best Comic Book Covers of 2015
Eye candy for the comic book fan. Or the book cover fan. Or the looking at stunning things fan. Comic Book Resources really knows how to rock a list.

What the Best Authors of 2015 Read This Year
There’s the books we read, and then there’s the books the authors of those books read. This list is an intriguing glimpse into the reading tastes of the authors shaping the public’s reading tastes.

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