The Most Sci-Fi Chairs to Sit in While Reading

Where do you do your reading? In some kind of chair, right? I suspected as much.

But anyone can pick out a boring plush leather recliner. And you’re not just any reader. You’re a science fiction and fantasy reader, and that calls for a chair as imaginative as your content.

Profess your love for the monstrous and the strange with one of these awesome chairs inspired by sci-fi.

The Octo-Chair
Don’t worry, we’re told it won’t eat you if you sit in it.

Octopus Chair

The Wampa Chair
Technically the description for this chair alludes to trolls, but it’s clearly made out of the hide of this furry snow-beast of Hoth.

wampa chair

The Termina-Chair
Clearly this T-1000 Terminator is lying in wait so it can strike at the optimal moment.

terminator chair

The Hobbit Chair
This chair might as well have been lifted right out of a hobbit’s home. Also built in human sizes.

hobbit chair

Fairy Circle
Or, get comfy in the middle of a fairy circle.This author is not responsible for any mischief that follows.

Fairy Circle

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