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As my new novel Tides approaches release day, I am hosting some giveaways to celebrate! This week, I'm sharing about the "why" behind the selections in my three hand-picked novel collections that make up the top prizes. 

Check out the SFF Classics Collection and the SFF Strong (& Unusual) Female Protagonists Collection, too!

I love a great story in just about any form, but comics strike me in a way no other medium can.

I was first drawn to comics for the traditional superheroes ... but I've been unwilling to commit to the massive, entangled Marvel or DC universes (okay, and a little intimidated), and thus I soon picked up other titles.

My favorite thing about comics storytelling is the way they commit to full-on weirdness, and these favorites from my pulls deliver it in spades. Along with well rounded, complicated heroines.

You're gonna love them.


Stunning imagination goes into the creation of every alien creature in this world--illustrator Fiona Staples is a genius. Even the dark and monstrous things in Saga hold a certain elegance.

This comic took the shell of Romeo and Juliet--star-crossed lovers on different sides of a war--and turned it into a complex space opera world with rich diversity and representation that enriches the world--including a number of badass women.

Paper Girls

This story captures the same '80s throwback nostalgia as modern sci-fi classics like Stranger Things and Super 8, with a crew of preteen girls you would never want to mess with at the center. They're pioneers, after all--the very first female paper delivery people in the town of Stony Stream.

I was hooked from the opening sequence, where Christa McAuliffe of the Challenger makes a guest appearance as a wrathful astronaut-angel. Also featured: time travel.

Bitch Planet

The social commentary in this comic is laid on thick, and in a really great way. And are you seeing this cover? This artwork is gorgeous.

From one of my personal creative heroes, Kelly Sue Deconnick, this series takes place in a future world where noncompliant women are branded and deported to a prison planet for punishment.

I could go on, but just you wait. You, too, will soon be lining up for your NC brand at your local tattoo shop.

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