Where We Left Adem

As Tides' October 31 launch nears, I'm taking a spoiler-lite look back at where we left our beloved heroes. (Don't forget to join the celebration! There's great ways to join--and win prizes.)

At the start of Mud, Adem was lonely and sad--cursed, in a way. This despair was what first inspired me to write about Adem, before I knew anything about Epoh or Haven, the Gods or the Underworld. I had to know why he was so sad.

It doesn't take long for this to come out. After all, he's bound to protect a box he can't open, and over and over, he's an unwilling killer in its name. Which is how he ended up isolating himself and lets Epoh's horror grow around him.

It turns him into a being with a worn-out soul and a naive heart. Which is how he gets into so much trouble in Mud.

But Adem has picked up a few friends along the way--and enemies. The consequences of his efforts, regardless of good intentions, are still unfolding.

Surely he's learned a few lessons from it all. Right?

One of the things that captured my imagination about golems at the start of this series was the way these creatures have a tendency to spiral out of control from their makers, over time. Some have become killers, or took their orders too far, and became almost impossible to stop.

Granted, I've taken a lot of liberties to these golem myths in a way I can only compare to what Stephanie Myers did for vampires. But I feel like the distance between Adem's commands and his heart are bound to manifest. What about you?

All this said, Tides is not Adem's story. He's there, and he's still a key player, but he's not our storyteller anymore. So as you enter Tides, you don't only get to the next story in the Third Realm Wars, you also get to see Adem from someone else's eyes.

Unfortunately, Rona is no mood to be forgiving with him, after all he's done. All the same, these two have a lot in common--their lives have stretched over the ages, they have seen the horrors of these wars before, and they have both experience a lot of violence and trauma.

Could their common experiences mend the bond? Or could it prove too combustible?

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