Where We Left Jordan

As Tides' October 31 launch nears, I'm taking a spoiler-lite look back at where we left our beloved heroes. (Don't forget to join the celebration! There's great ways to join--and win prizes.)

Despite the size of Jordan's presence in Mudhis role was actually quite small. He served more an important source of heart for Adem than anything else. He was also a child for most of the story, albeit a particularly gifted child.

And it was a harsh, strange childhood at that, living under the cruel dictatorship of Epoh, raised by a mother who had lost her mind, and instilled his very particular specialness upon him in all its weight. Then of course, he lost his sister, too. Even so, Jordan's unique gifts for connectiong with both people and the Gods have served him very well so far.

Now Jordan has grown up. He has started to take on significant responsibilities as Haven's leader--a role his gifts paved the path for.

We all hit a point as we grow up where coasting on our natural gifts isn't enough anymore. How we respond to that moment can significantly shape our adulthood. As Tides opens, Jordan is about to hit his friction point.

And all that is happening around him only piles on the pressure--more and more people are seeking refuge in Haven and its sister cities; the demigods are breaking free from the Underworld and the Gods ... well, it's hard to tell exactly what Their plan might be.

In the midst of it all, Jordan must be a leader for his people and wrangle the likes of Adem and Rona. It's not a job I'd want to shoulder. And one few would be equipped to take on.

Let's hope Jordan and his gifts are up to it.

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