Where We Left Terath

We've talked about where we left our story's heroes, Adem, Jordan and Rona. Now let's look at the realm of Terath.

This middle realm of men, is caugth between the Underword--the realm of spirits--and the Host--the realm of the Gods. As such, it has been caught in the middle of the wars between the Gods and the rebel demigods, who are about to try for a third time to overthrow their makers.

After the First Realm War, the Gods gave the demigods another chance.

After the Second Realm War, the Gods banished the rebel demigods to the Underworld.

But then Adem broke into the Underworld for Kythiel, and if you read Mud you already know this didn't end well. (Spoiler: The demigods trapped there were let loose.)

Now, well, no one is quite sure what to expect next. The ony thing that is sure? The foretold Third Realm War is coming, and fast.

Our heroes are still recovering and trying to understand just what to make of all they have survived so far.

But war waits for no one ... especially not a horde of raging demigods.

As we move into Tides, the Gods have fallen silent ... almost as if they've turned their backs on Terath. And everyone's a little on edge. Wouldn't you be, if you'd just unleashed an army of demons, sprites and angels on the world?

Tensions are mounting, there are a lot of questions, and no one is sure where to turn. What happens next? Find out next week.

Tides launches next Tuesday, October 31!

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